In the era of globalization, as now, dlnet delta of course the use of the Internet is a medium which is very important so that we can continue to get the latest information on any developments. dlnet delta Such as technological development, cultural development, economic development, as well as other developments that are increasingly changing the way we live, and it's all because of the use of the internet. In contrast to today, which is increasingly the use of the Internet become increasingly easier to use for a new one can control even Word Processor. As long as they've been able to operate the basic techniques in using the computer, then it is definitely the use of the Internet is becoming a new medium for them to continue to improve their capabilities. (Source:

D. Negative and Positive Impact of the Internet

Very many benefits of the internet we can get. As well as a sharp knife, for what? Up to us to use it, there is always a choice of two opposite sides. And this also applies almost to all things in the world. Hopefully we can take the best of technological advancement, the positive side of the Internet's benefits. The following is the positive impact of the internet:

1. The Internet as a medium of communication, is a function of the Internet's most widely used where any Internet user can communicate with other users from around the world.
2. Media data exchange, using e-mail, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web â € "network of web sites) of Internet users around the world can exchange information quickly and cheaply.
3. Media to seek information or data, the rapid development of Internet, making www as one important source of information and accurate.
4. Ease of obtaining information on the Internet so that people know what happened.
5. Can be used as a land information for the fields of education, culture, etc. (Source:
Internet not only have a positive impact, but the Internet also have a negative impact as well, the following is the negative impact of the internet:
The negative impact of the Internet are as follows:
World nasty: 
not simply just open up the site so nasty that could damage the morale of the younger generation (even older).
Perpetrators are not responsible for very able and very easy to simultaneously be the culprit, with upload or upload photos or video nasty over the internet. In fact, it is becoming hot news are commonly heard, "hey, there's a new video nasty ni" or things like that. Also when some time ago, Indonesia's top artists who tripped video nasty case is to give a broad impact on society.
Online games, play games can make drifting fans. Moreover, online games that can interact with many people from all over the world. Very exciting and make the addiction, become "delirious not remember the ocean", forget time, forget health, wasteful costs, (especially for students) and more away again, online games can be a means